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For those who apply for non-performing loans, it is very difficult to bear several high interest rates at the same time. So in order to reduce this pressure, here is a small trick to help you alleviate it. That is to merge unsecured loans. Because this kind of loan itself has relatively high credit requirements, so if you apply for loans in batches, the credit is not very high, So it is also very troublesome for you to apply for loan consolidation, which requires you to understand through multiple channels, and finally choose a suitable one. How can you find the appropriate loan consolidation? I will introduce several ways for you.

Go to different loan companies

You can go to different loan companies or banks for the purpose of talking with the professional staff of these companies and asking them to use their professional knowledge to answer your relevant puzzles. Another advantage of talking with different lenders is that you can self-assess the interest rate you need to pay after the merger of your loans, as well as the liquidated damages or related delay matters. Of course, we should choose the one with the lowest interest rate, And other additional terms are more beneficial to our own loan companies. The best way is to go to the bank and ask. Because banks are more strictly controlled than other financial companies, the conditions given by nature will also be more fair, and you can also use the conditions given by the bank as a reference to compare with other financial companies.

Calculate your debt

Here you need to calculate all your current debts, including the loans you have made in other companies, as well as some small loans, such as your credit card arrears, or home loans and car loans. By calculating the total amount of these loans, you can help you understand the benefits of your loan consolidation, or whether you can combine all your loans, whether there are restrictions, etc. Generally speaking, If your loan types are different, it is also difficult to carry out loan consolidation. However, for specific loans, you can sort out a form, and then consult professional advice.

Be honest with your past

How (and Why) to Combine Loans Into One Payment

If you think that you can escape the credit review of the borrower by playing some tricks, you are very wrong. This will only cause more serious damage to your credit. So in order for the borrower to trust you and continue to cooperate with you, you should be honest, but you can explain why you had a bad credit record at that time, if it is reasonable, Then I don't think the borrower will make a big deal here.

Develop a reasonable repayment plan

When you combine the loans, it means that you have passed the credit review. In order to improve your credit rating, you should focus on how to make the current loan repay as smoothly as required by the contract. So at this time, you should formulate a repayment form, which mainly includes your income, monthly debt payable, and monthly deposit amount, You can clearly know how your property is spent.

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