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If we make loans from traditional financial institutions, we usually need to submit a lot of certificates. For example, banks and other traditional financial institutions will require us to submit a lot of materials, and the conditions for loans are very strict. But if you can become a member of a credit union, you can enjoy the services of the credit union, which means you can enjoy the services specially tailored for you by the credit union, And you can use the membership rights to enjoy a lower loan interest rate, so I will teach you how to get personal loans from credit unions.

First, you should conduct a self-inspection

The content of self-inspection includes all your financial information, such as your income, taxes, expenses, and the collection of financial assets you currently own. Then you have to check your credit rating, and carefully check these materials to see whether they are consistent with the actual situation. Be sure to ensure the accuracy of the materials, because this will affect the types of loans you can choose in the future. Then you have to check more information, Go to choose the credit union that suits you.

Then select the type of loan you need

Loans are divided into unsecured loans and secured loans. Generally speaking, the repayment rate of secured loans is lower than that of unsecured loans. However, secured loans require you to mortgage assets or find reliable guarantors. These procedures are relatively troublesome. Unsecured loans can save the mortgage of these materials or the search for co-lenders. You only need to sign a contract to become effective, However, this unsecured loan also has a very obvious disadvantage: it can borrow for a very short time, or the interest rate you pay is very high, so these situations require you to make a reasonable evaluation based on the current actual needs, and then calculate your repayment time, affordable interest rate and other factors to make a reasonable choice.

Check with the local credit union

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Consult the loan you are interested in or if you don't have the loan you like, you can consult the professionals inside and ask them to recommend it to you. After you understand it, you can further communicate with them. Specifically, you can ask him a few questions, such as how long the repayment period of the loan is, and whether the repayment rate will change with the change of the repayment period, whether there is a penalty for breach of contract, and whether it can be repaid in advance, Are there any restrictions or penalties for prepayment. In short, it is necessary to understand any problems that may be involved in your selected loan.

Go to the credit union to sign the contract

If you have decided to go for a loan and have selected a loan partner, you can make an appointment with him, and then negotiate face to face. Pay attention to the contract when talking. Generally speaking, the staff will read the treaty carefully for you and make sure that you can understand each treaty. So if you don't understand anything, please ask boldly, This will be a perfect cooperation.

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