Specific criteria for applying for unsecured loans


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If you know the secured loan, then you know that if you want to apply for the secured loan, you must carry out asset mortgage or go to find a co-lender and sign for you. Then the unsecured lender only needs your signature on the premise that you do not need to do so. Then if you are interested in this type of loan and want to apply, I can provide you with some requirements for the loan review.

Step one, they will evaluate your quality

One of the biggest characteristics of unsecured loans is that the amount of loans is determined according to the credit rating of the lender. That is to say, the higher your credit rating, the larger the amount of loans you can borrow, because the borrower can only judge your reliability based on your credit rating, that is, the possibility of your repayment on time, because these borrowers have no right to seize your assets, In order to ensure the success of this transaction, they can only conduct asset review and credit review to get a closer understanding of you, and this kind of loan has a minimum credit rating. As for the score requirements of the minimum credit rating, there are different standards and requirements according to different lending structures. Only when you are within these reasonable requirements, will there be borrowers willing to continue to communicate with you, Otherwise, you will be eliminated in the first step.

Then we will review your debt problem

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If before you apply for this loan, please take the initiative to review the total amount of all your debts, whether there are any outstanding loans and what other ways to remedy your credit score, because even if you are a person with excellent credit, if you have too much total debt, this is not an optimistic situation for any borrower, or, If there are other borrowers competing with you for this loan at this time, I will definitely choose the lender with a smaller total number of loans, because after all, the total number of loans is too large, which will always make people doubt whether you have the ability to repay debts or whether you have encountered any major problems before you can borrow, and then whether you can deal with this problem.

Your income will then be reviewed

For borrowers, this is a crucial step, because the most important way they want to ensure whether the lender can repay the loan is to check the income of the lender, such as a lender with high income and good credit and a lender with average income and good credit. Which one would you choose? I believe that everyone will choose the person with higher income, so you should try your best to convince the borrower that you have the ability to repay the debt. For example, you can prove that you are doing well in your work through your rising salary and will not encounter sudden unemployment.

Finally, it's your turn to determine the loan amount

In this step, I suggest you, according to the actual situation of the loan you need, and also the sum of your income and expenditure and other loan situations, then say the amount, and try not to say too much, because if you can load the loan more than you can, it is a very big risk for the borrower, then your chances of getting the loan will be lower.

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