Some special steps for you to begin your economic investment


Step 1

Read more books and learn about investment

For those who want to learn Graham's investment method systematically, I recommend two books:

① The first book, Securities Analysis, was written by Graham to professional investors. Buffett said he had read this book many times, and he would take it out and read it again every once in a while!

② The second book, Smart Investors.

Since non-professional investors can't fully understand the "value investment idea", Graham wrote the second book for non-professional investment, "Smart Investors". This book can be learned by both ordinary investors and non-professional investors to help them establish the correct framework of the starting value investment idea!

You should be aware that financial books may be instructive or transformative for your investment. You can gain an objective and high understanding of investment through in-depth analysis of the in-depth financial knowledge in the classics. Therefore, your thinking in the book often reflects the development of your investment potential and even the growth of your investment strength. You need to quickly establish your own large-scale investment model framework to help you realize investment wisdom.

Step 2

Do simulation disk training

Simulate the battlefield in the test

If the novice has learned the above theoretical investment methods and intends to go out of the house and join the stock market for practical combat, it is still not possible, because you have no practical experience, and the method I give you is to do simulation disk training!

Because you are only learning theory at present, you need to have a novice training period to help you further improve, and cross the novice period. If you do not expect to lose money in exchange for experience, then the best way is to make a simulation disk!

Grind the gun before fighting, and simulate before investing. Although you have to resist your itch to make money in the market, you can also avoid dying in the battlefield before "training" is good, and you can also keep your small amount of capital!

What you need to do is: take the simulation board as a real investment operation to make investment, feel the changes in the market and your mentality in the simulation board, and the most important thing is to find out your weaknesses and make a strong attack! And what's the reason for losing money? What is the reason for making money? Why not seize this profit opportunity? Why did you choose such a rotten stock? You should list these reasons one by one, and constantly review and revise your thoughts and methods. This process is a bit like "practicing martial arts". Only when you have achieved a certain level of skill, can you be qualified to "go down the mountain" to fight high and low. Otherwise, you will simply "take a horse step" and "stand on a stake"!

Step 3

By issuing new shares

To feel the heartbeat of the stock market

Playing new shares is a matter of high probability of making money. You can feel the heartbeat of the stock market and get familiar with it!

New shares in the A-share market is one of the ways to make money at a fixed rate. But in recent years, with the arrival of the registration system, the probability of new shares breaking is increasing. But it is undeniable that, at least so far, the conventional "method of making money" in this market can still be used. Although the probability of winning the lottery has been criticized, it is also much higher than the probability of winning the lottery. Moreover, as long as you have time, you can open multiple accounts at the same time.

You need to integrate the principles of your financial framework and the development model of the stock market to find the guiding direction and innovative content in the stock market. Therefore, step three is significantly strategic and in-depth to a certain extent. You need to improve the probability solution of stock investment on the premise of reasonable application of the innovation measures brought by Step 3.

To sum up, the steps of investment are difficult to understand in many special programs. Therefore, after I quote some real and reliable cases in detail, you need to understand the general format of investment steps. My investment proposal cannot guarantee the reliability of your investment. However, you can accelerate the establishment of your investment process and the improvement of your investment model according to the specific or common investment steps. You can achieve intelligent and standardized investment management according to mature investment steps. The transformational and unstable nature of investment has an impact on the above investment steps in many fields or areas. What you need is not to challenge the unstable nature of investment, but to adjust the content of steps reasonably.