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When we usually borrow money, our first reaction is to go to financial institutions or banks, or some legally licensed loan institutions. But you know, we can borrow money directly from some rich people without looking for special institutions. Sometimes it is very convenient to do one-to-one borrowing. For example, these loans do not require many processes, which means that the time of loan receipt is very short, What are the good advantages of personal loans? I will elaborate for you.

First of all, you don't have to pay high interest rates

We know that some loans that arrive quickly, such as payday loans or unsecured loans, are very convenient. But because of the high risk of such loans, the interest rate charged by the lender is also extremely high, even far higher than the market average interest rate. And once you fail to pay the loan temporarily due to a problem in one of the links, Then you will pay a huge amount of liquidated damages, but you don't need to worry about these high interest rates for personal loans, because the interest rates provided by most lenders are very reasonable, and you can also make comparative choices, so you will have a large amount of money left, right?

Second, it takes a long time

As for the two short-term loans mentioned above, these high-risk short-term loans not only have a high interest rate, but also have a short time to borrow. Generally, the lender will control the loan time within one month, often about two weeks to repay the loan, which is for some people who urgently need money to solve the problem, and cannot start to repay in the short term, The above two short-term loans are also very inconvenient, but if you can find a personal lender, then you can negotiate with him. According to your actual situation, you can get more repayment time.

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Then, unsecured loans

The unsecured loan market itself is relatively small, because most people prefer to make mortgage loans, at least this kind of risk is lower, which can ensure the circulation of funds. So if you go to conventional financial institutions to borrow money, you may need to bring your property certificate to make loans, so when you can't repay the loan, your property ownership will not belong to you, This form also gives people a lot of pressure. But if you choose personal loan, those lenders will judge your credit by themselves. Then if you don't want to mortgage the property, they will also give you the appropriate amount of loan according to your situation.

Finally, a stable source of income

Generally speaking, when you make a loan, those institutions will check your asset certificate, and the most important step is to check your employment, because it determines whether you have a stable source of income to repay the loan. But if you quit your job because you see a business opportunity and want to start a business, there is no seemingly stable source of income, Then can't you borrow money? In fact, as long as you have a good credit score, you can also explain the situation to those individual lenders, and you can also borrow money.

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